Which apps have access to your gmail?

I use multiple gmail accounts every day, some for personal use and others for business. In the course of trying to sync address book or importing contacts to services like Plaxo and Linkedin, I have allowed multiple companies to access my gmail data. And then I forgot about it. All this time those sites have still had that access!

Today I was trying a mail scanning tool called Cloudsweeper that checks your gmail account for sensitive information and tells you how much it would be worth to a hacker. When I was done, I realized I really didn’t want the app to have permanent access to my gmail account. So I decided to see what other apps have had access to my gmail all these years.

To find out which apps can access your gmail, log into your gmail account and click on your gmail user icon in the top right of the screen, then choose Account.

pcoverhaul-gmail-accountThis screen shows lots of options, but the one we want to click on is Security.

pcoverhaul-gmail-settingsAt the bottom of the screen,  under the heading Connected Applications and Sites, Click on the link for Review permissions.


Now you are shown a list of all the applications you have ever given permission to access your gmail account. In my case, Cloudsweeper is in the middle of the page. Just click revoke access and you are done!


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