What is Adblock Plus and why you should use it

Adblock plus is a free, open source plugin extension that blocks pop ups and ads that appear on web pages. It works with the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers.

To show what Adblock plus can do, I searched for “computer repair norwood ma”. The ads in the beige box at the top left  and the ones down the right side are paid ads, not search results, which can make it difficult to tell that my website, www.pcoverhaul.com, is actually the #1 google search result for those keywords.

pcoverhaul-without-adblock www.pcoverhaul.com
This shows the results of a search for “computer repair norwood ma” without Adblock installed.

Watch what happens after I install Adblock. It’s very clear with the ads gone which sites are actual search results instead of paid ads.

Here are the same search results with Adblock installed.

I highly recommend using Adblock plus if you visit sites that are cluttered with ads or open a pop up every time you refresh. The installation is quick and setup is easy. There are advanced options but most people don’t have to configure a single setting and your ads will be blocked in no time!

Simply click the install link on the Adblock plus page.


Next you click the ADD button to allow the installation.

pcoverhaul-adblock-installpage2That’s all there is to it, Adblock Plus has been installed and should be blocking ads and popups.



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