Virus Removal Service

Every malware infection is different, but these are some of the steps I take during a typical virus removal.

If your browser searches are being redirected,I will change it to search with Google. In addition, if your homepage is changed, I will reset it to Google or any other page you specify.

Malware will often change your home page and default search engine and redirect your searches to malicious sites that can further infect your computer or steal your personal info.

Any damage to Windows system files  will be repaired. All current Windows Security Updates will be downloaded and installed to patch all known security holes in your Windows operating system.

All other free software on the computer will be updated to the latest version. This includes programs like Adobe Flash player, Adobe Reader, Java, Macromedia Flash Player, Quicktime, Google Chrome, Firefox, ITunes, CCleaner, VLC Player, and dozens of others.

If you have antivirus software, it will be tested to ensure it is functioning correctly after the malware infection. If it has been damaged, or if you didn’t have an antivirus product, I offer a discount on Bitdfender Antivirus 2018

All your drivers will be updated to the latest version to improve performance and prevent hardware problems.

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