Use GWX Control Panel to Block “Get Windows 10” Notifcations

Millions of people have already made the switch from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, but millions more have no interest in upgrading at this point. Many people have accidentally agreed to the Windows 10 update not understanding it was an entirely new Operating System.

GWX Control Panel is a great free tool developed by

Once installed, GWX Control Panel gives you multiple ways to stop Windows 10 from either downloading or from nagging you to install it.


Most people have no idea how they ended up downloading the Windows 10 upgrade offer to begin with. It’s actually included with all your other Windows updates. To prevent it from installing the update that offers you Windows 10, choose the top right button, “Click to prevent Windows 10 Upgrades”.


If you’ve already installed the update, and just want to make the “Get Windows 10” nag screen disappear forever, choose the top left button, “Click to Prevent “Get Windows 10” App.  On my particular Windows 7 computer, I haven’t downloaded the Windows Update that includes the Windows 10 notification, but clicking this button will keep me from seeing it if I ever download it in the future.


For complete instructions, check out the full User Guide at


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