The PC Overhaul

The Pc Overhaul is just that- a complete system overhaul both inside and out. Think of it as starting over from scratch with a brand new computer without all the junk that has accumulated over time.

First I make a backup of your personal documents to CD/DVD. This is yours to keep after the overhaul and provides you with a hard copy of your data in the event you ever have a hard drive crash later. The backup includes all the subfolders in your user profile, like your desktop, documents, download, favorites folder, music, photos and videos. I also run a backup of the drivers on your system, and generate a report that attempts to save any serial numbers for common software you may use regularly.

If you have a desktop computer,  I take the computer case apart and completely clean it inside and out. I will remove each component (memory, power supply) and clean them before putting them back inside. I use a DataVac Pro for this. Cleaning your computer case increases the air to flow, keeping everything inside cooler. Computer parts may become damaged if they get too hot for too long, so doing this regularly is a good idea.

Next I reload your Operating System from scratch. Your drivers will be restored from the backup if that’s possible, and if not, my professional automated driver software will find the most updated drivers and install them. Once that’s done, it’s time to update your Windows Operating System with any new security updates from Microsoft.

Every computer uses a number of free programs and this is the point where I install them for you.  Software like Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and iTunes for example are all installed at this point.I can also install additional 3rd party software if you provide the disks and any serial numbers. For example, many people use Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop.

Then I install antivirus and anti spyware software. If you already have a license, I will reinstall your previous antivirus for you. If you need to purchase one, I am a licensed reseller, so I can get you a discount on most major brands, including Malwarebytes,

Finally, I will restore the documents from your backup.


My home office is conveniently located near Norwood center, only minutes from I-95 and Rt 1.

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