Malware and Virus Removal Service

Virus and Malware Removal Service is one of PC Overhauls’ specialties. I have worked on thousands of infected Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 desktops, laptops and MAC OSX computers in the past 19 years.


This message is a good example of a fake virus warning. Calling the phone number will connect you to a technician who will remote connect, possibly damage or infect your system, and then bill you for hundreds of dollars.


Malware has changed over that time from worms to password and credit card stealing Trojan horse viruses, to adware and spyware toolbars and fake antivirus programs to modern ransomware and everything in between. I have experience with all of them.

I have a proven step by step process for cleaning the infected files from your computer.

Sometimes the damage is so severe that the system needs to be wiped clean and reloaded from scratch. You can learn about that process, the PC Overhaul, here. The PC Overhaul and virus removal service cost the same, so you will be charged for one or the other, not both.

Typical malware removal takes 24-48 hours depending on how sever the infection is, but can sometimes be done the same day.

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Department of Justice Virus

This is yet another ransomware virus, very similar to the FBI virus. This kind of virus claims your internet activities have violated the law, so your computer has been locked down until you pay a fine. Don’t fall for this scam!  If you pay this $100 or $300 fine, you won’t have your computer unlocked and you will lose your money as well!


The Department of Justice virus is distributed in several different ways.  Legitimate websites (Facebook, Paypal, Ebay, etc.) that have been compromised may drop this trojan onto your computer. This “drive-by-download” often happens in the background without you noticing.

Another method used to spread this type of malware is spam email containing infected file attachments or links to malicious websites. Sometimes the emails come from friends, coworkers of family members who have also been infected. The virus may also be downloaded manually by tricking you into thinking you are installing a useful piece of software. For example, you may be prompted to update your Adobe Flash player before you can view a file, but you are actually downloading the virus.

The Department of Justice virus is also prevalent on peer-to-peer file sharing websites (Shareza, Bearshare, Limewire, BitTorrent)  and is often packaged with pirated or illegally acquired software. photos of objects

If you have been infected with this virus, please contact me today for virus removal service.