Multiple Antivirus Products

Many people like the idea of having more than one antivirus product on their computer at the same time, but it’s actually a bad idea.

Antivirus programs search your system for working-in-a-computer-repair-shop-i-see-this-way-too-often-28841
programs that are monitoring and sending information about your computer. And the other antivirus product will be doing just that. You end up with two (or more) antivirus products going to war, trying to disable and remove one another.

And when a virus is found, the multiple antivirus products may both detect it, but only one can remove it. This can lead to reports of viruses still being installed that are actually long gone.

Not to mention, because of the way they function, (scanning every file and process running on your computer and every connection to and from the internet)  antivirus programs can slow your computer down. Running two or more of these programs which are battling with one another for control of your system will bring most computers to a standstill.

You’re better off installing a full antivirus suite (I prefer Bitdefender), or a regular antivirus product and a companion anti-malware program like Malwarebytes.

PC Overhaul is Now an Antivirus Reseller

I’m proud to announce that PC Overhaul is now an antivirus reseller, which means I can offer a 20% discount on all the major brand antivirus and internet security products on the market.

pcoverhaul reseller antivirus

If you’re not sure which antivirus to choose, PC Magazine recently published it’s 2015 antivirus review, which you can find here.

To purchase an antivirus subscription, or for more information, contact me via email.

Free Antivirus Software

That’s right, there are several companies that offer 100% free antivirus software. So what’s the catch?

Free antivirus products provide absolutely no technical support if you have a problem. They won’t offer advanced features like parental controls or identity theft prevention tools like paid antivirus.  But they do provide  a bare minimum level of protection against infection and they will scan for malware in real time, and perform automatic scans, too.


So which free antivirus is right for you? CNET has reviews for each antivirus as well as editors picks, which you can find here.

If you just want to download an antivirus for free, I suggest using Filehippo. The download links and clean, with no hoops to jump through and it doesn’t try to install any junkware or toolbars, and there’s a good amount of info on each antivirus there.