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As a local small business owner myself, I know how important is to shop at other local businesses as much as possible. In my case, many of the tools and parts I need to repair computers can’t be found locally, so I shop for them online. But there’s a way to shop online and still support local schools, charities and other organizations by using Amazon Smile.



Undoubtedly the biggest online retailer in the world is You can find almost anything, and if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can get most orders in two days with free shipping or overnight for $3.99. (You also get access to Amazon Prime Video, a Netflix alternative, and Amazon Photos, a free cloud backup service for your photos and videos). With service like that it’s no surprise people use Amazon from everything from books to electronics.

There’s a way you can shop on Amazon and still support local schools, charities and other organizations of your choice. All you need to do is use as the web address instead of, and a percentage of some of your purchases will be donated to the charity of your choice.


Once you get to the page, you just sign in with your amazon account, and you can select a charity.

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There are some great charities suggested on the right hand side of the page, or you can search for one in the box at the bottom.

I decided I wanted to make my donation to a local charity so I searched in my hometown of Norwood, Massachusetts.


It’s amazing how many local results I got. I decided to refine my search and specifically look for something to support our local school PTO’s.


I have a first grader in the John P Oldham Elementary school right now and one who will be attending in 2 years, and I know fundraising is always a challenge, so I chose the Oldham PTO.


Whenever I place an order that qualifies, Amazon Smile notifies me that a donation has been made to my charity.

Here are my contributions to the Oldham Elementary School PTO so far and the total they have brought in from all Amazon Smile users.

It feels good knowing I am helping an organization that’s important to me while I shop. There’s no extra cost to do it and all you have to do is use and you can be raising money for a cause that’s near and dear to you. You can also change your charity at any point, so you can spread your donations around.

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