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I have flat rate prices for the most common services, which are much cheaper than BestBuy Geek Squad or Staples Easytech.


Geek Squad


PC Overhaul

Diagnostic / Troubleshooting




Virus Removal




Windows Reinstall/ System Restore




Data Transfer/ One Time Backup




Hard Drive Data Recovery




* Staples does not include backup or transfer of your personal files or installation of any 3rd party software

** My service includes backup and transfer of personal files and installation of any software you supply, plus any freeware you may need

My hourly in shop rate for general computer repairs is $60 an hour. Minimum labor charge is 1/2 hour, $30.

Onsite residential hourly rates for general computer repair services are $80 per hour with a minimum 1/2 hour charge at $40.

Turn Around Time

For most virus removal and Windows re-installations the turn around time is usually between 24 and 48 hours. Compare that to the 5 days to a week Staples and Best Buy usually take to even look at your system, and you’re already ahead of the game.

Drop Off & Pick Up

You can drop off and pick up your computer at my home office, located on Nahatan st, right near Norwood Center and close to both Rt 95 and Route 1. You can get directions here. Please call and make an appointment first to be sure I’m available.

Method of Payment

I accept Cash, Check, and Debit/Credit Cards via PayPal or Square Reader.

Pc Overhaul paypal

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