Instagram adds video

In a move to compete with Twitters Vine app, Facebook announced today that Instagram is adding a feature that allows you to take 15 second videos. Techcrunch breaks down the vine vs. Instagram in this handy graphic-



You can find the full article from Techcrunch here.

So how do videos work in the new Instagram app? Pressing the camera icon now gives you the choice to select photo or video, and videos are taken by pressing and holding down on the screen just like Vine.


All the photo filters are still available for use, plus 13 new filters which range from your typical black-and-white effect to blurring and brightening effects. Tapping each filter gives you a preview of your video with the filter applied.



Videos can be shared via social networks, and you can choose the cover frame that will be displayed as an icon when users look at the post.  There’s also a new feature called Cinema mode that stabilizes the video to make sure it isn’t shaky, but it’s currently available for Iphone users only.

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