Great iPhone related product I just stumbled upon… Tile

Every once in a while I see a product that is so simple, yet so useful and I think, why didn’t I think of that?

Tile is one of those products. I can’t name the number of items I lose track of on a regular basis. Car keys. Remote Controls. My cordless house phone (yes, I still have home service).


A Tile is a small plastic chip you can attach to just about anything that might get lost or stolen. If you lose or misplace the item with the Tile on it, you can use the Tile app on your iPhone to locate it. The screen will show you bars that get larger as you get closer to the object. There’s also a function to make the Tile beep if you prefer to find it that way.


The range of a Tile is about 50-150ft from your phone. In most cases that’s not going to help you find a stolen item. But according to the Tile site: “If any other Tile user’s phone is within 50 – 150ft of your Tile, you will receive an update with the location of your Tile. When this happens, you will see a pin on the map view for your Tile. This essentially makes the range limitless once there are enough Tile users in your area.”


The Tile app allows you to add 10 items to each account, and you can share access to those items with friends, roommates, coworkers or whoever else you decide you can trust.

Initially the Tile app will only be available for the iPhone, because it uses Bluetooth 4.0 and Android devices haven’t caught up to that standard yet, but Tile is planning an Android platform when they do.

The company is currently raising funds to get Tile manufactured, but they are letting people preoder them until July 23rd at $18.95 for one Tile, with package deals for larger amounts.

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