Free Antivirus Software

That’s right, there are several companies that offer 100% free antivirus software. So what’s the catch?

Free antivirus products provide absolutely no technical support if you have a problem. They won’t offer advanced features like parental controls or identity theft prevention tools like paid antivirus.  But they do provide  a bare minimum level of protection against infection and they will scan for malware in real time, and perform automatic scans, too.


So which free antivirus is right for you? CNET has reviews for each antivirus as well as editors picks, which you can find here.

If you just want to download an antivirus for free, I suggest using Filehippo. The download links and clean, with no hoops to jump through and it doesn’t try to install any junkware or toolbars, and there’s a good amount of info on each antivirus there.




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