Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an appointment to bring in my computer for repair?

A: Yes. I work from a home office and may not be here all the time, so please contact me to make an appointment.

Q: What do I need to bring with me/what do you need when dropping off my computer?

A: For desktop computers, all you need to bring is the computer tower itself. No other cables are needed. For all-in-one and laptop computers, please bring the power plug, charging cable or AC adapter. I will also need your computer login PIN or password. You can either include it on a note with your computer or text it to me.

Q: How much do you charge to look at my computer and tell me what’s wrong with it?

A: My diagnostic fee is waived if I end up performing the work, so you only pay if you decide not to have the service done. In that case, the charge is $20.

Q: Do you service Phones and tablets?

A: Unfortunately, I do not repair broken screens, charging ports and other hardware related issues on phones or tablets. I can fix some software related issues and attempt to back up or recover data, though.

Q:How long will it take to get my computer back?

A: It depends on the issue, but most repairs are done within 3 days or so. If I’m attempting to recover data from a huge hard drive, it can take longer than normal, for example.

Q:Do you make house calls?

A: Because the work I do generally takes hours and hours or scanning with diagnostic software, I prefer to do the work in my home office. I do offer free pickup and delivery if you live close enough, and also offer a contactless pickup and drop-off system to make things easy.

Q:I accidentally deleted some important files, is there anyway to get them back?

A: Yes, in many cases I can recover deleted data, and if not I can refer you to a data recovery specialist. If you are in this situation, I recommend you stop using the computer immediately. The more you use the computer after you lose or accidentally delete files, the more difficult it becomes to recover them. Stop using the computer immediately and make an appointment for me to look at it.

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