Drop Off and Pick Up Instructions

Due to Covid-19, I am currently operating porch drop off and pick up service on my deck. For security and to protect equipment from the weather, computers can be left in the marked rubbermaid container on the deck. My ring doorbell will alert me and record the equipment drop off and once you pull away, I will retrieve your equipment.

For drop off service please provide:

  • The power cable or charging cables for your laptop or all in one computer. For desktop computers with a standard 3 prong power cord, there’s no need to bring the power cord.
  • Any relevant usernames and passwords. For standard service this would be the logon password and/or PIN.
  • If a backup is part of your service, please provide any external drives you would like to use or the usernames and passwords for any existing cloud account you’d like to use (Google Drive, iCloud, Carbonite, etc.). I can also set up a new cloud account for you with a free service or provide temporary cloud storage while you are obtaining a new computer.
  • For email set up or troubleshooting I will need your email username and password for any and relevant accounts.

PC Overhaul is operated from my home office, located at 311 Nahatan st.

My house is located 1/4 of a mile from Norwood center, just after D&G Deli. Pull into the driveway with the Eiffel Tower and pull down until you see my deck on the right side.

The Eiffel Tower on the left side of the driveway. At the end of the driveway on the right is my deck where you will find the marked container.

My ring doorbell will alert me when you arrive but feel free to text me as well – 781-269-1569

Once the service is complete, I will wipe down all your equipment and cables with Clorox wipes and put them back in the container prior to your scheduled pick up. If you are not paying with paypal or venmo, please leave your payment in the bin.