Data Recovery Service

Recover Deleted Files & Data

IMPORTANT – If you experience any symptoms of 
hard drive failure, the first and most important thing to do is turn your computer off right away. Continuing to use the drive may cause more damage or overwrite the data you’re trying to recover.

Level 1 Data Recovery

Level 1 data recovery is “logical” data recovery. In these cases, there is no clicking or buzzing noise and there is nothing physically wrong with the drive, but some kind of corruption with the file system has happened. Data could be lost
due to a virus, bad Windows Update, an accidental format of the hard drive, file deletion or other file corruption.

Level 2 Data Recovery

Level 2 data recovery can be attempted when a hard drive has slight damage resulting in
multiple bad sectors. It can be caused from a drive or computer being dropped, deterioration of the drive over time due to it’s age, or many other mechanical factors. Special hardware is needed to read the bad sectors for a successful recovery. I use the state of the art 
Rapidspar unit.

Level 3 Data Recovery

A level 3 recovery is the most complicated type of data recovery. These are cases where a drive is physically damaged, needing clean room work to repair it. Drives that have been dropped commonly need a level 3 recovery,
as well as most clicking and beeping drives. These types of repairs take special equipment and much more time, so they need to be shipped to a clean room data recovery facility and therefore they cost a lot more . i refer
these recoveries to a local company

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