Cyber Monday 2017 Sale AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Test Kit


I have been researching my family tree for over 15 years, and members of my family have been working on it for over 35 years. I’ve been registered on just about every online genealogy website, used many different software programs, and scoured cemeteries and county clerk’s offices for as much information as possible.

The next step in that journey was having my DNA tested with AncestryDNA’s DNA Ancestry Test Kit. Taking the test was quick and easy (just some spit in a provided tube) and about 5 weeks later Ancestry emailed me with results.

There are 3 main areas to the DNA dashbboard.


In the DNA Story tab I was able to click for detail on my regional Ethnicity estimate to see what areas of the world ancestor’s are known to have come from.

A detailed view can break down your ethnic genealogy even more.

Clicking on a specific region will give you even MORE detail.

The DNA Matches tab displays anyone who has matched my DNA test, and estimates how closely related we are.

Clicking on an individual match will show you details on their DNA match, including an overview of their ethnicity and DNA circles they are included in (more about those in a minute).


If your DNA match has their tree entered into, this page will also show your tree next to theirs with your common related ancestor in the center. This is a great simple way to see exactly what your relationship is.


The third tab shows your DNA Circles. These are groups of people who are all descended from a common ancestor, automatically created by Ancestry created 4 DNA circles for me. This can be really helpful because it connects you to other people researching the same family members.

Clicking on one of the circles shows me other Ancestry users who are connected to the group and a few subgroups, while also showing how each of the users are related.


This is the perfect gift for anyone interested in their ethnic background or anyone researching their genealogy or family tree. Take advantage of this great Cyber Monday 2017 sale now.


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