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Hugo A. Sánchez sent us this awesomely detailed infographic that he created for Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s called “Drawing the Lines of War,” and it’s loaded with all kinds of cool information that fans of the MCU might be interested in checking out. Here’s a description of the infographic: The Avengers Age of Ultron: Drawing the lines of war infographic, explores the intricate world of the superhero team, explaining their actual status and establishing their connection lines with other characters and certain situations from previous *MCU movies, taking a look on their powers, technology and cool gadgets on the way. Finally, is included a brief glimpse of what’s coming for the Avengers and the MCU on the near future… I hope you enjoy it!I also included the infographic that he did for the first Avengers film. Back to 2012, the first Avengers movie has a special place on my memories because -aside to be a great flick-, it was one of the first infographic projects I had the chance to put my hands on in this new stage of my life, living and working on this remote land. This first feature (below), was a practical guide of the characters, their powers and skills presented as an equation, a sum of elements and situations that result into the creation of each Avenger. We also included a time line of the previous installments that paved the way for the’Avengers:Assemble’ movie.

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Disney Mulling Marvel, Star Wars-Branded TV Channels

This would be a very smart move. I’ve been waiting for years to see how they maximize the potential of the Star Wars and Marvel brands outside of films. Maybe someday my dream of Marvel and Star Wars themed hotels and a convention center with a 365 day Star Wars/Marvel convention to draw in fans will become a reality.

Disney Chief Robert Iger says that the entertainment conglomerate is considering putting together […]

Source: Disney Mulling Marvel, Star Wars-Branded TV Channels