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Who I am and What I do…


I have been working on computers since I bought a video game
in 1998 that wouldn’t work and spent a fortune to
upgrade my computer. I decided it was something I wanted to learn how to do myself and in the 20 years that have passed I’ve continued to gain experience in the field of computer repair and networking.
In 1998 I was named as the point person for all the computer related issues at the nursing home where I worked. The company sent me for training so I could install the monthly server software patches and Windows updates. Gradually I started to learn more and was even called to other nursing homes in the chain to help with their technical problems.
I found I really working with software but realized my knowledge was limited to my company’s software product. I also had no experience with computer hardware, so I started looking around for technical training.
In 2000-2001 I attended Clark University’s Computer Career Institute in Braintree, Massachusetts and completed a hands-on, 320 hour, instructor led course. We spent every single class doing hands-on troubleshooting, taking computers apart and putting them back together again until it became second nature. The courses covered a wide range of topics including computer repair, wired and wireless networking, hardware and software troubleshooting and Windows operating systems.
At the conclusion of the program I obtained my COMPTIA A+ certification, which is the industry standard exam for computer repair technicians. The examination measures necessary competencies for an entry-level IT professional with the equivalent knowledge of at least 500 hours of
hands-on experience in the lab or field.
The following year I studied for the Microsoft Certified Systems
Engineer (MCSE)\Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
(MCSA) exams by attending and MCSE\MCSA course atXintra Computer Institute in Quincy, Massachusetts.
I started building desktop computers back in 2000 for friends and family and then continued to attract customers by word of mouth. Soon I had moved into virus removal and home networking setups. The more I did it, the more I liked
everything about computer repair. Some people get frustrated easily,
but I enjoy the challenge and love learning new things, so compute
r troubleshooting is something I generally enjoy.
To gain more experience, I worked as a field service support technician for a major retail computer chain, COMPUSA. On a typical day I would deliver and set up a new computer for one customer, remove a virus for another, and troubleshoot a network problem for a third before heading back to the shop to work on a computer that wouldn’t boot up. I saw something new everyday and it was a great learning experience for me. Unfortunately, COMPUSA went out of business so I had to move on.
I started PC Overhaul in 2004 with the idea of putting my new experience to the test by giving local customers in the Norwood area the same great service I was providing at COMPUSA without all the sales pressure.
An opportunity arose to take a position as a network and systems 
 support technician for the Hospital here in Norwood,  and I jumped at the chance to gain more experience. Along with 3 other technicians I handled all the printer and computer hardware and software repair, troubleshooting and replacement for the Hospital and it’s satellite facilities. This included the servers for printing, file management and special health care software, as well as the backup servers and tape backup drives. One major project I managed involved the upgrade and replacement of over 500 computers running Windows NT to new workstations running Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Each computer had to be removed and replaced while the day-to-day functions of the hospital continued uninterrupted, and it was quite a challenge but we got the job done ahead of schedule.
In 2006 I started doing some contract work on my own. I did some technical contract work for Dell, HP, Insight, The Boy Scouts of America, DHL, Dunkin Brands, & Synerfac.
Now I am trying to help you get the best performance out of your home computers.
I am fully licensed by the Town of Norwood.
My goal is to solve your technical problems as quickly and painlessly as possible, without all the pressure you get at the big chain stores to buy services and accessories you don’t want or need.
In the years that have passed since I started PC Overhaul in 2004, I have been lucky enough to marry the woman of my dreams and have two amazing children. So in addition to my computer repair work, I am also a stay at home father.
One of my boys is in school full time now, but I am still home most days during the day, so customers need to bring their computers to me. This works out well because the majority of the work I do such as malware and virus removals, Windows re-installations, and data recovery service takes a great deal of time to complete and wouldn’t be practical to do at your home. My home office is set up with all the tools and professional software I need to handle just about anything.
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