Laptops Under $500 That Still Pack a Punch

Laptops Under $500 That Still Pack a Punch There are some very fast computers in the under $500 price range. These laptops are perfect for internet use, streaming video, word processing, basic photo editing and organizing and other day to day tasks.   2017 Lenovo 320 15.6 Inch Premium Flagship High Performance Laptop AMD A12 […]

Cyber Monday 2017 Sale AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Test Kit

  I have been researching my family tree for over 15 years, and members of my family have been working on it for over 35 years. I’ve been registered on just about every online genealogy website, used many different software programs, and scoured cemeteries and county clerk’s offices for as much information as possible. The […]

The Best External USB Hard Drives For Backing Up Your Computer

A good backup is like an insurance policy for your files. If you are infected with a virus, if the hard drive crashes or fails, or if you just accidentally delete your files, a thorough and recent backup can be a life saver.   External USB hard drives come in various sizes, styles and configurations. […]