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Today’s handy free site is Camelcamelcamel, which checks and reports the price of items sold on You can use this info to see if a product has been going up or down in price before you decide to buy it. Sometimes waiting a little while can save you some money.



The Best Of….

This gem of a website will show you the top 10 songs from an artist. This can be great for introducing someone to a new band or artist you really like. Also handy if you want to quickly hear the best songs from an artist you already know and love.

Here my friend is recommending Pop Evil. I like it. No need for more cowbell.
Here my friend is recommending Pop Evil. I like it. No need for more cowbell.


I am the type of person who would have music playing all day every day if I could. It improves my mood and my songzaproductivity and tedious work is easier to do with the right playlist. And the playlist is the key. I have a huge library of music (over 300,000 songs) and sometimes the hardest thing to do is decide which existing playlist will work, or what songs to put on a new one. If I’m going to shovel snow for 2 hours, my “workout” playlist really doesn’t fit. And I don’t have the time or the energy to create a playlist at 5 am when I have to clear the cars and driveway to get everyone off for the day.


Over at Songza they have a solution for me. Just tell Songza what kind of task you’re doing (housework, cooking, working in an office) or what kind of mood you’re in and you’ll instantly be served with playlists created by experts based on your specs.

The Songza main screen.


I chose Decades for this example, and then browsed through until I got to 80’s rock. ON the right you can see the different pre generated playlists to meet my hairband fix.

songza 80srock

You can create an account or sign in with Facebook. I really think this is a better way to listen to music online, and if you think so too, check out  Songza on the web.


The Scale of the Universe

If you ever wondered just how big things are in relation to one another, you’re going to like Scale of the Universe. See how large the United States compared to Mercury or compare the width of a silk fiber with a red blood cell .  Clicking on an item gives you some facts about it.

I find this stuff absolutely amazing. Sometimes we forget just how small we really are.



Sign Documents easily on any IOS Device

If you have an iPhone or Ipad you can use the Sign Easy app to sign documents digitally. No more scanning and faxing signatures!

Sign Easy


You can get Sign Easy from the App Store here:


Free Temporary Email Address

Most people have an email address that exists for one purpose- spam and junk email. Any time you are asked for an email to sign up for something, but  you really don’t ever want to hear from the site or company again, you use the spam address.

Free randomly generated email address from 10 minute email
Free randomly generated email address from 10 minute email

10 Minute Mail gives you a throwaway email account that will last just long enough to receive your verification email and then it disappears forever, no spam and no need to create a permanent spam account. Pretty nifty and free.