How to find out if your Android is vulnerable to the Masterkey exploit

It was recently reported that a 4 year old bug could put 99% of all the Android devices in the world at risk for malware infection due to an exploit called Masterkey. Evidently Google has known about this vulnerability since February of 2013 but decided to put the fix into new software updates rather than offer […]

What is Adblock Plus and why you should use it

Adblock plus is a free, open source plugin extension that blocks pop ups and ads that appear on web pages. It works with the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers. To show what Adblock plus can do, I searched for “computer repair norwood ma”. The ads in the beige box at the top left  and the […]

I have antivirus software… So how did I get infected?

I get this question all the time. “I have anti-virus software, so how did I get infected with a virus”? Each anti-virus company has its own list of malware, which they call their “definitions”. Every company releases updated definitions regularly, usually once a day but sometimes several times a day. Each company also has its […]

Cloudsweeper – Find out how much your gmail account is worth to a hacker

Take a second to think about all the data that resides in your email accounts.  Most of us don’t realize how valuable the data in those emails could be to a hacker. Emails that contain password reset links, for example, are like cash to a hacker. Cloudsweeper is a tool created by researchers at the […]

Windows XP Support ending in 2014 – What it means for you

A large number of my customers are still running Windows XP on their computers. Many of them have an older computer that came with Windows XP, and some  do not want to learn a new operating system. Others are running software  that is not compatible with newer versions of Windows. Whatever the reason is, XP […]