More details on the Windows 8.1 update

The update is scheduled for release on June 28, and includes a start button (although not a start MENU), Internet Explorer 11, the ability to boot directly to desktop or an all app screen & more. Check out all the details:

Here’s a great free Android phone management utility for your PC

If you have an Android phone, AirDroid is a great free utility that can make managing your phone from your computer much easier, and all without a USB cable. With this great little app, you can transfer files of any type (photos, videos, music, ringtones) on and off your Android phone. Use your phone, camera andanage and […]

FBi Virus

The FBI virus is a type of ransomware. There are several different versions of this virus, which claim that the FBI and the Federal government have taken control of the computer because it has been linked to illegal activity, and demand payment to remove the virus. FBI VIRUS VERSIONS: FBI Moneypak: This ransomware diplays a very […]